Rallying like an Italian gumball

There was a cheesy yet amusing movie from 1976 called “The Gumball Rally”.

Raul Julia played Franco, the Italian racer.

He gets in the car, rips out the rear-view mirror, and throws it away saying (in a ridiculous accent):

“The first rule of Italian driving: what’s behind me is not important!”

If only we all kept that attitude in life or business when things don’t quite go our way.

So many people go through life steering only through the rear-view mirror rather than looking ahead.

FORWARD is the only place you should be looking folks.

Forget the past.

Because it is NOT a guarantee of what is coming in your future.

Why not?

Because you can handle things differently the next time around.

You are only doomed to repeat the past if you let the past repeat itself.

If you don’t want it to repeat, do things differently this time.

No looking back.

Just forward.

Race ahead with me here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors