My failed TV Screen Test

A number of years ago I did a screen test for one of the popular flipping reality TV shows.

I filmed tours with me and some of my students at some of the deals we were working on.

The producer’s comment to me was telling.

“You’re all pretty serious people, aren’t you?”


Yes we are.

“Can’t you add some drama? Have things go wrong?”



I’ve built my business to avoid drama.

To control for the unexpected.

And to run a tight ship so that I don’t sink or get burned when things go wrong.

So, needless to say, they weren’t interested in me.

And I wasn’t interested in them.

I don’t want to be circus sideshow.

I’d rather be boring and rich than exciting and broke.

I like being serious and having a serious business.

If you’re serious about your future too, then skip the show and let’s have a serious conversation.

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– Dominic Mason

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