Financing to do more deals

I often hear people say that they avoid hard money because it is “expensive”.

But then they don’t do any deals because they don’t have enough money or aren’t willing to pay for hard money.

So they skip the deal and don’t profit.

Which makes no sense.

Because it is much better to finance a deal and pay some financing costs than it is to just skip the deal and make nothing.

Making nothing is what’s truly expensive.

The cost of not doing a deal is MUCH greater than the cost of hard money financing.

The highest cost is missing out from not doing the deal.

You need to recognize the difference between and investment and an expense.

It’s the #1 thing people screw up.

And then they wonder why they stay stuck.

It’s a subtle mindset shift, but you need to make it if you really want to succeed.

Our special guest at Traction REIA is Jim Preuss, and tonight we will be discussing hard money (and other financing options) in deep detail and you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers.

The financing component is key to making deals, so be at this event to expand your knowledge and learn how to make more deals happen.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction REIA