Failure actually is a good option

Never one to shy from being controversial, I surprisingly disagreed with this reader of mine:

“Tom, I really liked your message last week about Ed Harris in the Apollo 13 movie. It was inspiring. Another great quote is “Failure is not an option!” Too bad more people didn’t see things that way.”
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I actually disagree.

Failure **is** indeed an option.

And that should be your attitude.

Plain and simple.

I suppose for the astronauts on Apollo 13 it wasn’t an option because failure meant immediate death, but for the rest of us failure actually IS (and should be) an option.

Yes, FAILURE is something that should actually be *embraced*.

Think about it…

Pretty much all success comes only after you fail first.

And usually after you fail massively.

Almost no one who has achieved sustainable success has done it on their first try.

I sure didn’t.

So what are you afraid of?

As long as you get back up after you’ve been knocked down then you’ll be okay.

It’s essentially a right-of-passage.

And if you don’t get knocked down, then you can’t actually get through to success.

You have to pay to play.

That’s just the way it is, champ.

So stop being afraid and running away from failure.

Embrace it instead, as it is the key stepping stone on your way to success.

That simple mindset shift can make all the difference in the world for you.

You just have to accept it.

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