Exploring the land-that-time-forgot

I need to close the loop from last week and tell you why I’ve been silent.

Where was the exotic and “forbidden” place I travelled?

It’s not that far away actually.

Just 90 miles off the coast.


Run-down, shabby, land-that-time-forgot, Cuba.

A missing piece of my travels over the years that finally got checked off ye old list.

What was it like?

A mix of the old and new.

Faded colonial splendor to all the buildings and architecture.

Chock-full of brightly painted vintage 1950’s cars.

Absurd amounts of Castro and Che propaganda everywhere one looked.

And people very happy to spend the day singing and dancing.

All the old cars do give the place a nostalgic feeling.

It’s like driving around in a massive classic auto show.

But it isn’t all as it seems.

We hired a guy to drive us around in a purple 1957 Buick convertible.

I asked him how much work it takes to maintain the car.

Surely it can’t be easy.

He told me the engine completely died 15 years ago, but they ripped it out and dropped in a Russian-made engine to replace it.


And the body?

That had long ago rotted out too.

Now he said it is mostly “bondo”.

Guess it isn’t all what it’s chocked-up to be.

You never know what is actually hiding underneath the hood. (Or what the hood is now made of…)

But in his defense, he did what he had to do to keep it going.

Not a bad business lesson actually.

Do you do what you need to do to keep things going?

If your engine were to die, would you replace it with one that works?

And if your vehicle rotted away, would you be able to keep up its appearance?

Too many people try to drive around with barely one cylinder firing these days.

Like their business or financial situation is going to somehow magically improve.

It won’t.

You’ll always be dealing with problems, broken parts, and the rot of time.

It might look like a cool car, but it will take just as much to keep it running as it would to just get a new one.

If you truly want to get ahead, you need to have a solid and reliable vehicle for moving forward.

It has to drive well, accelerate rapidly, change with the times, and be reliable.

Not just look good.

Then you’ll leave the old, and those clinging to the old, in the dust.

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