Equality for all?

Let’s step on some toes today…

Is “Equality” possible?

Does it exist in our economy today?

Does it exist in our housing market?

There’s an economist named Tom Pinkerty, whom you may have heard of, as his ideas have been pushed a lot lately and are getting a lot of press.

But do they actually apply to the real world? (Or is it just pie-in-the-sky intellectual stuff?)

Do all boats rise with the same trends or in the same factors?

Namely, do higher income and higher-priced properties behave differently?

This is exactly the issue we’re going to discuss during Traction REIA’s Market Update sessions led by Claude Labbe.

Claude will be looking at ideas about “Equality” by examining LOCAL Virginia, Maryland, and DC trends between first time buyer homes and high end homes in our area.

The results may surprise you…

Find out at our Local Market Update session tonight in Greenbelt, MD and tomorrow in Tysons Corner, VA.

Full details here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors