Entering Clown World

Perhaps not what you were thinking I was going to say…


I took my kids to the circus this week. The Ringling Museum in Sarasota keeps the circus arts alive at their conservatory, and they do small shows to show off the performers.

At one point, the clown came through the audience to recruit a volunteer.

I pointed at my older son with a wry smile.

The clown then pointed at me instead.


Before long I was balancing giant balls and generally clowning around on stage.

At one point the clown leaned over and whispered, “really ham it up here now”

Our faces in the photo above show that.

Is there a real estate lesson in this story?

Of course.

Being a clown may be silly, but there is actually a lot of method to the madness.

There are things to learn, and one has to be conscientious of both how to perform a trick or illusion, and how it is going to look on stage.

Just like as an investor, you need to know how to actually do a deal successfully, and juggle (heh) all the different people involved.

Do it right and you look great. Mess it up and you’ll have egg on your face and drop the ball.

Being able to improvise on the fly is necessary too.

At one point I misunderstood what the clown was trying to tell me, and the ball went flying. I managed to grab it and spin it back before it fell off stage. The clown said, “wow, that was unexpected.” Guess I’m an honorary clown now.

There’s tons of opportunity for your deal to go wrong as an investor, which means you often need to improvise.

When you know the overall flow, and know the different paths and plans available, then it makes it easier to change course and improvise on the fly when things change, as you’ve already studied the different possible courses and outcomes.

And face it, things often change when you’re in the middle of something.

That’s why I train my students using frameworks instead of strict scripts.

After all, life doesn’t follow a script.

But a framework shows you the boundary lines, and then lets you freestyle within those boundaries.

You can adjust and adapt a framework as needed.

It’s much more powerful.

Ok, enough clowning around for now.

Time to get serious about your real estate business and success.

I can help you get down to business.

Let’s start with a strategy call.

Put on a funny nose, wear giant shoes, and jump on stage with me here:
“Your Personalized Real Estate Road Map” Strategy Call Questionnaire

Tom Zeeb
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