Cheating at Monopoly

Do you have to buy 4 Green houses before you upgrade to 1 Red Apartment Building?


Real life doesn’t have to be like the famous Monopoly board game.

And therefore jumping directly to Red Apartment Buildings isn’t cheating.

(And yes, I know it’s red hotels, not apartments — but I’m going to call them apartments because I think apartments are actually a better fit for the game. Besides, hotels are actually a very separate type of business that I wouldn’t recommend real estate investors mess around with.)

You simply don’t have to cut your teeth doing single family houses first.

You can jump right to multi-family apartment buildings *IF* you know what you’re doing.

So why not start with the big red apartment building generating all the cash flow, rather than messing around with all those little green houses?

Just know what you are doing.

Because going in blind is dangerous.

But going in educated is powerful.

So get educated.

The perfect opportunity is next week’s Traction REIA events with Anthony Chara.

See you on Boardwalk and Park Place!

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