Donate $10 and get a free copy of “7 Secrets to a $100,000+ Pay Raise”

I used to sell a book I wrote named:

“7 Secrets to a $100,000+ Pay Raise”

I stopped selling it after one of my business coaches told me he thought I gave away too much info in it.

I do tend to get right down to brass tacks.

I like to speak my mind freely.

And I like to teach people and see them succeed as a result of my trainings, so I didn’t hold anything back when I wrote it.

It sold for as much as $79.

And the content was worth every penny.

(People actually thought it was a bargain.)

I wasn’t planning to release it again. My business has grown, my strategy has shifted, and I stopped selling low price products as a result.


Just for this week I’m going to offer it again.

There’s only one catch…

You have to make at least a $10 donation to “Homestretch”, which is a housing related charity that I support.

They’re a great cause.

And anyone can afford just $10, so there’s no excuses.

Homestretch focuses on homeless families with children under age 18 and teaches them to attain permanent housing and self-sufficiency by giving them the skills, knowledge, and hope they need to become productive participants in the community.

They actually “teach a man how to fish”, rather than just throwing fish at a problem hoping it will magically go away.

Yes, I’ve seen their results.

Every year I have them as guests at our Traction Christmas event and they bring someone who has actually gone through their program.

It’s usually a single mom who suffered through abuse but then finally escaped. Often from a foreign country, their English skills are weak and they have no job skills to speak of. On top of it all, they have kids to raise.

They’re alone and scared.

That’s where Homestretch comes in.

They provide everything someone needs to get back on their feet and then be able to fly on their own: subsidized housing, job training, credit counseling, money management training, financial literacy courses, and English as a second language classes.

And the goal is indeed to get them to fly on their own.

They have two years to get stable and functional. Otherwise they’re out of the program.

So yes, they get results.

Fabulous results.

And yes, I want to help.

So, here’s my offer:

If you donate at least $10 to Homestretch (more is better!) at the link below and forward me your receipt, I will send you a digital (PDF) copy of my “7 Secrets to a $100,000+ Pay Raise” eBook.

Here’s the link:

If you can donate more than $10, that’s even better.

They will put it to very good use.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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