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Does size matter?

Doing it right is what matters.

Hitting the right spot is what matters.

Getting to the finish line is what matters.

So valuing something by size rather than by the actual VALUE of the techniques is a BIG mistake.

It isn’t an uncommon mistake,

But one you do have to learn to get over.

Otherwise you’ll get stuck in the PROCESS rather than focusing on the OUTCOME.

And outcome is what makes you financially well-endowed.

My Automated Entrepreneur newsletter is focused on giving you “lifestyle leverage”.

That means having not just money, but time too.

After all, “time” is the new indicator of wealth in this day and age.

Therefore the Automated Entrepreneur newsletter teaches you how to do the FEW things
that will give you the MOST impact, rather than giving you busy work that wastes your time
and keeps you from generating more moo-lah.

So I don’t belabor the points, I teach the lessons quickly, get to the point, and move on.

I don’t waste your time.

Therefore the newsletter is short.

Usually only 16 pages.

But a potent 16 pages.

And that’s what really matters.

Valuing something by page count rather than by the actual content is a BIG mistake.

A mistake many people make.

And that’s why they’re still stuck.

But now that you know it ain’t all about size, you don’t have to make that same mistake again.

You can learn how to live the Automated Entrepreneur lifestyle instead.

This bad boy goes to the printer next week.

Get in here:

Tom Zeeb
The Automated Entrepreneur

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