Doctors, diapers and deals

This past Monday, both my boys (7 and 1 years old) were sick. I had to take them to the doctor and he sent them home with antibiotics. They were pretty lethargic, sleepy and cranky.

So they both stayed home all Monday and Tuesday.

The good part is that I was able to stay home with them. I didn’t have to call my boss and ask for sick leave and I didn’t make less money or lose money by staying home. I just moved a few appointments, made a few phone calls and stayed home.

All because of real estate.

I should say, all because of my successful real estate business. A business I started back in 2003 when I had a full time job, no experience, no real estate license and very little money.

And now that I reflect how I got to where I am today, I’d say that every single minute, hour or day I put into building my business is now paying off 100 times more.

Every failure and disappointment gave me the strength to keep going.

Every word of disapproval or disbelieve from friends, family or strangers, made me believe in myself even more.

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen in a week or a month. It took me 2 years from the moment I made the decision to start my real estate business, to quit my job and become a full time real estate investor. And it took another few years to become financially free.

And it was totally worth it. All those tears and fears are now diapers and deals (I’m trying to make it rhyme…)

So, if you’d like to know how it happened and what real estate strategy I used, come join me this Sunday April 17th at 7pm at the Women Investor Network (WIN!).

It’s a very informal meeting where ladies from all levels of real estate investing get together to talk about life, business and real estate.

You will have fun, I promise.

And it’s always a great excuse to leave your husbands and kids home.

And gentleman, if your significant other still doesn’t believe in this “real estate thing”, please ask her to come to the meeting so she can meet real women making money in this business.

Ladies, I’ll see you this Sunday at 7pm at the Marriott Tysons Restaurant.

Just email me on with your RSVP.


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– Dominic Mason

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