Do you decide on price or on return on investment?

I used to struggle with this myself.

Do you decide on price or on return on investment?

There’s only one thing that matters.

That’s ROI.
(return on investment)

NOT price.

If you look at the price tag first, then you are treating everything like a simple expense.

Now, that might be fine when buying clothes, or a car, or some sort of doo-dad gizmo.

But it is incorrect and is actually hurting you when you are buying something that could produce a return.

That’s the difference.

A doo-dad is an expense because you spend the money on the thing and will never get any money back from the thing.

But with an investment, you expect to get it back.

That’s called the “return on investment”.

Not getting this rather basic concept is what keeps most people poor or stuck in the middle class rat race.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can just buy an investment and expect automatic positive results, especially if the investment is in yourself.

You have to take what you learn, take the system you get trained in, and *gasp* actually implement it!

Just like buying that gym membership didn’t automatically get you into shape, you actually had to lift the weights and do the exercise — over time– and consistently.

Training in the real estate investing business is no different.

There is some work to be done.

But that work can radically change your life and your moolah situation if you decide to focus on it.

And focus on it consistently.

The key?

Find a system you are comfortable with.

One you believe in.

One you can see yourself doing.

And one where you like the outcome it has achieved for other people.

That might be me and my Total Traction program.

Or it might not.

Take a look at these case studies and see if it’s something you’re interested in.

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Tom Zeeb
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