Disturbing things I do in the shower

I think about you in the shower.

And my students.

And my deals.

And my sellers and buyers.

In fact, so many ideas flow into my mind while I’m showering that I actually have to keep a notepad nearby.

I used to run out to my desk and type up a note, but that left the carpet a soaking mess.

And when I kept my phone nearby to type up a note to myself, then there was too much risk of water damage.

So plain old pen and paper won the honor.

Why is the shower such a great source of inspiration?

It’s something about the hot water flow on my head and the relative distraction from everything else that just lets my subconscious mind take over.

And the thoughts flow.

Like water.

(No surprise there I guess.)

But I don’t want to lose these precious thoughts.

Because if I wait, then like a dream they are gone.

And while something might trigger my memory later in the day, I can’t count on it, so I have to capture the thought immediately while it’s fresh.

Yes, the notepad tends to ripple up from the dried water drops, but by then I’ve transferred the notes to my computer for follow-up action.

Yes, action needs to be taken.

Otherwise they are just ideas.

Ideas with no legs and no chance of becoming real.

And they need to become real.

So take your ideas for personal success and use my proven system to get Traction in your real estate business.

You’ll be glad you did.

You’ll learn my proven system at my 1-day MasterClass on Saturday September 10th.

You will walk away with a clear vision of what you are doing, as well as having the skills to go and do it now. (whether you are starting from scratch, or an advanced investor looking to re-tool and accelerate.)

And I’m giving all attendees 2 terrific bonuses:
#1: My all-time best marketing postcard
#2: Audio CD Training – “Packaging your deals for a rehabber: The 9 deadly mistakes wholesalers make to tick a rehabber off” (a special audio training created by Robyn Thompson and me)

It’s only $49 for members and $69 for non-members. So no riskier than a dinner out.

Be sure to check the webpage below as it has more details you should read.

Shower in advance.

Lather up here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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