Dissing America

Someone who clearly disagrees with my message yesterday ( http://TractionRealEstateMentors.com/american-exceptionalism ) writes:

“American ‘exceptionalism’ is a farce that describes the gluttonous, decadent and immoral society we call America. Its our arrogance as Americans that makes u believe we are better than everyone else.”

I completely disagree.

I certainly don’t like the direction the country is currently heading (as we slip towards soft-socialism), but I don’t think we act out of arrogance or conceit.

There’s a responsibility that comes with the position we’ve achieved.

And it is a difficult balance.

He continues:
“Even taken from the point that we are the exception from every other country based on our government policies… I would beg to differ. How many rights have you lost since September 11th under the guise of security? And how many people around the world have we needlessly oppressed under the auspices of fighting terrorism? Does our “exceptionalism” in any way grant us a license to be police man of the world? What you see as exceptionalism, others around the world see as a tyrannical government out of control.”

It’s not our government policies that make us special. It’s the founding documents and the ideas enshrined in them. Ideas that were never done or implemented anywhere previously.  Ideas that limited government and set the power of the individual free.

It isn’t just since, or because of, Sept 11th and terrorism that we’ve lost rights. It happens every time people trade their freedom for “security”. It’s always a losing proposition. Security doesn’t exist as life simply has risk. Bending the Constitution won’t change that fact. And destroying its safeguards by ignoring it is a recipe for disaster as well.

And he continues:
“I would invite you to further analyze your rose tinted views of America. What once was a great nation, has fallen by the way side. And I tip my hat to its untimely demise.”

No one is forcing you to be here. If you despise this country so much, then why stay?


Find somewhere more palatable to you.

Or is living under the comforts that America provides too good of a life?

If you hate it so much, then stop sleeping under the blanket of the very freedom that it provides.

Just be on your way.


For me, I’m staying.

There’ll come a time when the pendulum starts to swing back the other way.

When things start to correct and get better.

And I want to be here for that.

(And I’m willing to help turn things around to get there).

I love what we’ve achieved in the past, and what this country has stood for.

And I still think our best days are indeed ahead of us.

It might be rough for a while.

And we’ll have to persevere.

But anything worth having is worth fighting for.

It’s the same in business too.

Not everything works out.

Some days are better than others.

And some years are better than others.

But if you hang in there and steer the ship through the rough waters, then you come out the winner in the end.

That’s how it looks from where I sit.

Fellow patriots join me here:

Tom Zeeb
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