What I disagree with Trump on

President Trump was originally famous for his 1st book “The Art of the Deal” published in 1987.

In it he talks about, amongst other things, his style of negotiation.

How he views it.

What goes into it.

How he wins.

And what your approach should be in negotiations too.

Manhattan real estate is insanely cut-throat and will eat-you-up-and-spit-you-out if you show any bit of weakness.

Therefore, Trump sees it as an ART form.

I disagree.

It’s not the “art” of the deal that makes you successful, it’s the “science”.

Let me explain…

Most people are oblivious to anything having to do with negotiating (with the exception of maybe understanding “Good Cop, Bad Cop” because it’s so common on TV shows…)

Because of this lack of basic understanding, they are also generally afraid to negotiate.

The thought of doing so sends shivers down their spines.

Buying a car is the ultimate example. (Most people don’t relish the thought of having to deal with the salesman and would avoid it if they could.)

But there is a science behind negotiating.

A structure.

A system.

Learnable techniques.

And if you learn those techniques, follow the structure and system, then you can see massive results quickly, no matter what level of real estate investor or negotiator you currently are.

Because it isn’t the *style* of how you negotiate that matters (that’s the “art”), it’s the *science* and implementation of the techniques that get you the big results first.

And the *science* is simply knowing what to do.

This is very good news for you.


Because you can massively improve your business, bottom-line, and life by simply learning some basic techniques.

I teach 43 different negotiation techniques in my Rapid Cash Generator system.

I make them all simple to learn.

And simple to implement.

That way you can quickly see results as you talk to motivated sellers.

My advice is:
Focus on the science first to get results. Then later on you can make it an art form.

And who knows? Maybe someday you’ll be President…


If you want to know the right way to become a great negotiator, you need to learn the basics and then practice them.

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