Did I abuse the Sherpas?

Some people reacted strongly to yesterday’s video of my climb up Mt Rinjani with Sherpa assistance.

Most of the comments I received were very positive, as people loved seeing video from my exotic travels. But there are always a few who find something to object to…

Was it wrong of me to hire Sherpas?

Did I abuse them?

Take advantage of them?


They were paid well for a job they chose to do.

People do the kind of work that they are drawn to or that is available to them. If they don’t like it, then they can — and should — move on.

No one is trapped.

People only like to think they are trapped, as it is a convenient excuse for not taking any action for improving their situation.

Proving my point, our lead guide up the mountain had been a Sherpa (porter) a few years earlier. After a few years of carrying the heavy weight up and down the mountain, he decided he wanted more out of life. He wanted an easier job going forward. He didn’t want to carry the heavy loads all his life.

He didn’t expect anyone to just hand this to him. He knew that he’d have to improve himself.

So he saved up some money and signed up for English classes. He knew if he could speak decent English, then he’d be able to advance himself from being a load-bearing Sherpa to being a full-fledged mountain guide. Someone who leads people up the mountain rather than just carrying their weight.

He didn’t wait for a handout or a government program. He took the action necessary to better himself.

You can do this too.

Don’t like your job or chosen career?

Then learn a new business and make the change.

The only thing stopping you is…


If the business you want to switch to is real estate investing, you should follow my Traction system. It teaches you how to flip houses in way that is simple, structured, and step-by-step.

You can do it.

And it will move you up.

I’ve taught many others how to do it.

And can show you how to do it too.

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