Dealing with a taste of my own medicine

I absolutely LOVE to teach people how to negotiate.

Because it has the fastest and biggest impact on people’s success.

But there’s a downside for me…

Especially from being a “known negotiator”

Every now and then someone knows what I teach and will throw my own techniques back in my face, giving me a taste of my own medicine.

It happened on a deal recently.

One of the parties to the deal looked me up, saw that I teach negotiation, and was slightly attacking me, making fun of me in the way they did the negotiation.


By using a very specific technique on me.

But the odd thing was that they used it at a rather odd time during the negotiation process.

* Which made it stand out as unnatural,
* actually produced the opposite effect of what they were after,
* and made me realize I was being teased with my own negotiating technique being turned around on me.

At first, I couldn’t know for sure, but my plan for moving forward was the same either way:
Take the unexpected route and throw them a monkey wrench to see how they would respond.

* I withdrew my counteroffer,
* went back to my previous price,
* and dug in my heels hard.

Then sit tight and watch them squirm and chase me to get what they lost back.

Which is exactly what they did.

Right according to plan.

Nerve racking?


More thrilling.

Because when you understand “negotiating personality types” it is much easier to predict what the other side will do.

And that lets you keep a cool head and a steady hand.

Negotiation is arguably the #1 skill that will improve both your business and your life.
(we’re all negotiating all the time, like it or not.)

That’s why I spend an enormous amount of time always teaching my students the various ins-and-outs of negotiating effectively.

And the way I teach it makes it easy to learn, and easy to adapt to your personality and style, so that it fits you like a glove and rolls off your tongue naturally.

Working with me 1-on-1 can improve your real estate business as well as your negotiation skills.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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