Dead deals walking

Getting into the Halloween mood…

Let’s talk about:
“Dead deals walking”

I’ve seen a lot of these lately, and I don’t think it’s just for Halloween.

Some very inexperienced “wholesalers”, usually who haven’t been trained very well as they’re just reading stuff from internet forums, keep pushing “deals” out there that don’t actually have a chance of coming to life.

I get why it happens.

One gets a lead that really has no chance of becoming a deal, but they cling to it anyway, because it’s all they have as they haven’t done enough marketing and are clinging to “the one”, hoping if they just care enough, or push enough, or keep at it enough, it’ll magically come to life and become a successful deal.

In actuality, it’s wasting time and energy that could be applied to something that actually has a chance.

But there’s an almost perverse comfort some people take in nursing a dead lead, almost like they want to think that they actually tried, but this whole thing just didn’t work out for them. But “at least you’re doing something” isn’t actually good, as it holds you back — you just need to admit it doesn’t work and move on.

When something doesn’t work, just drop it dead and move on.

When no buyers are interested because it isn’t really a deal, just drop it dead and move on.

When no lender will invest in it because it isn’t really a deal, just drop it dead and move on.

Halloween might be full of fantasy, but the real estate investing business needs to be based in reality.

Got it?

‘Nuff said.

Now go get some candy.

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Tom Zeeb
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