Danger, like a third man, was standing in the room

I was suspicious when I saw him pull up in that car.

It was a bright orange Mustang with out of state tags.

He didn’t see me sitting in my car.

I was reviewing the comps for the property and waiting for the clock to strike 3pm for my appointment.

I went up to the front door of the property and rang the bell.

The guy I saw get out of the orange Mustang came to the door.

“You Tom?”


“Come on in.”

“Did you bring the money?” he asked.

“What money?” I said coolly.

“The down payment money.”

“No. The settlement attorney will give everything to you when we close.”

“I need to have that money now.” he said with force.

I responded, “Do you think I drive around with $10 thousand cash in a gym bag?”

Then I realized we may not be alone.

Danger, like a third man, was standing in the room.

I thought it best to leave quickly.

But in a no-sudden-movements kind of way.

So I suggested I look around the property and start with the outside.

That got me out and I talked to him on the sidewalk.

He was far too anxious to have the down payment in cash.

And his name didn’t match the name on the property records.

Questioned on this, his story about it being his old aunt’s property just didn’t seem right.

And when I asked where he was from, he didn’t say the far away state that was on his license plates.

So I told him it was a no-go and walked away.

Why tell you this?

Because investors need to be careful when they go to see properties.

There are dangers and risks.

Not just from crazy people like this guy, but also from the property itself.

Water damaged floors or ceilings can collapse on you.

Old basement stairs can give out and you’ll fall through.

So be careful out there.

And lock the door behind you when you go inside a vacant property to inspect it.

Someone might have been watching you enter, and while you are busy being focused on the repair estimate and taking photos for your buyers list and dreaming about your profits, you won’t hear them enter and approach you.

I am saying this to scare you?


So that you remember to be smart about what you are doing.

I say this at all my training events as well.

Let someone know where you are.

And ladies obviously be extra careful.

There are plenty of scummy people out there.

Don’t be a victim of one of them.

Speaking of inspecting properties and going to see motivated sellers, my Rapid Cash Generator system has checklists and worksheets to be sure you nail down all the info you need to get and don’t forget anything in the process.

I’ve done all the thinking for you so you can just focus on evaluating the property and negotiating the best possible deal. (which I train you how to do as well.)

Avoid danger, be prepared, and get properly trained here:

Tom Zeeb
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