Cutting people open on a whim

Let me tell you a story.

I was scuba diving in Curacao last week.

One of the other divers was a plastic surgeon from South America.

Very south America, basically all the way down in Patagonia.

He told me he is the only plastic surgeon in an 800 mile area and works across 4 different hospitals.

And since he is the only one, he sees a lot of different types of patients.

Mostly having to do reconstruction surgeries when someone gets hurt at a factory or on a farm.

Things like reattaching fingers or rebuilding faces after getting smashed up in an accident.

Heavy duty plastic surgery stuff.

Not just boobs and noses.

And there have been times that he’s had to do a surgery that he’s never done before and has no experience with.

After all, there is no one else to turn to for advice or assistance. It’s only him.

He said he has to rely on his training, and his intuition built from experience.

Because if you are well trained, then you can figure out what to do even if you haven’t done that exact same thing before.

Yes, it is nerve-racking.

And a bit scary.

But since there is no choice, he has to man up and just get the job done.

(Apparently, though scared, he manages to keep his hands clam during these surgeries, but he tenses his feet so hard they cramp).

But you’d never know he is nervous, because he moves ahead and gets the job done because the patient is relying on him.

For very rare or bizarre injures that he has to fix, if he’s never done it before,  he has had to quickly read his medical reference to figure out the correct protocols to use.

One time he said he called another surgeon in a big city to ask how exactly to deal with a strange issue that had come up during the surgery. That surgeon talked him through it while he made the necessary medical moves on the patient.

It’s similar to being a real estate investor.

You’ll come across deals that you don’t quite know how to handle.

Deals that are rare and strange.


Because life is rare and strange.

So these things happen.

And you have to know how to deal with them.

You need to know what book to look the protocols up in.

And you need a more seasoned investor to lean on and learn from when something really perplexes you.

Then you’ll be able to tackle anything that comes across your plate.

And you’ll also be a hero to those you help.

(Not to mention being a hero to your family for all the extra moo-lah you’ll bring home and the extra time you’ll have to spend with them).

How do you start?

Just a nip here and a tuck there.

I’ll show you how.

Get scrubbed in for real estate surgery here:

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