Cutting my wife open

Let me tell you a very personal story.

A couple years ago, a doctor wanted to cut my wife open and extract some parts because she didn’t see any alternative to the pain that my wife was experiencing.

But I didn’t agree.

I didn’t think all the roads had been explored.

I didn’t think enough tests had been done.

And I didn’t think enough THINKING had been done about the situation to exhaust all the different medical possibilities.

Yes, I thought I knew better.

(No surprise of you read my articles on a regular basis…)

But that’s what was strange about it.

Most people go to a doctor to be told what to do.

You don’t give a doctor orders, he gives you orders.

Not me.

I don’t accept that premise.

I wanted to push the doctor to think.

To think through the issue at hand and talk me through their solution based on facts and options — Not just because they are a doctor and they said so.

I look at doctors as equals.

I look across at them, not up to them.

And I realize that makes a major difference in how I choose them and how I work with them.

The way they *THINK* matters.

The way they can *THINK THROUGH* a problem matters.

Yes, surgery is a skill. However basic diagnosis is just the ability to compute an enormous amount of knowledge and know what to narrow it down to.

There is certainly a skill in that, yes.

But there’s also a skill to knowing how to choose your advisors correctly.

What’s this got to do with business?


It isn’t any different from what real estate entrepreneurs have to do every day. (Aside from immediate life and death obviously being on the line).

Look, I advise lots of people in business and real estate.

But my style and methods aren’t for everyone.

I’m picky about who I chose to work with.

Because I don’t want time wasters (life is too short) and I don’t want endless tire kickers who can never make a decision.

They aren’t good for me, and quite frankly, I’m no good for them.

Think we’re a good fit?

Read the bullet points on the link below closely.

If you still think we are, then sign up.

If you don’t think so, we can silently go our separate ways.

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