Creative Financing with a TWIST

Real Estate investing is supposed to:
*lead to extra cash,
*provide you with extra time
*create massive amounts of wealth to free you from the financial pressures of everyday life.

The challenge is:
1. You don’t have any leads…
2. You’re not doing any deals…
3. You’re frustrated with all of the competition from other investors.

TONIGHT & on Saturday, let Chris McClatchey walk you through his proven system to get as many leads that will turn into as many deals as you can handle without any competition from other investors!

–Tired of a lack of inventory on the MLS?
–Tired of being in Multiple-Offer Situations?
–Tired of not getting any Deals?

Chris will show you:
1. How you can find deals with “No Money Down.”
2. How you will find leads other investors can’t.
3. How you can put thousands of dollars in your pocket at closing.
4. The strategies that will get you properties FREE & CLEAR in a few years.
5. How you can communicate with sellers so they give you seller financing.
6. The skills you need to influence sellers to sell their property to you at 0% interest.
7. How you can double and triple the number of deals you are doing now.
8. Giving the seller what they NEED, so you can get what you WANT.
And much more…

2 great events to learn this:

#1.  Traction REIA Main Monthly Meeting
TOPIC: “The Power of Zero: How to Buy 0% Seller Financed Deals!”
SPEAKER: Chris McClatchey
Thursday September 14th at the SHERATON Tysons Corner.

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#2.  Full Day Training Event with
Chris McClatchey
TOPIC: “Creative Financing with a Twist: How to Buy 0% Seller Financed Deals”
Saturday September 16th at the Sheraton Tysons Corner.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction REIA