Cooking deals with the anel retentive chef

Remember Phil Hartman’s “Anel Retentive Chef” character from the old Saturday Night Live? (I know that’s spelled wrong, it’s intentional)

(Watch it on YouTube if you need a refresher)

He played a chef who was so obsessed with details and cleanliness that he never got around to actually finishing cooking the meal.

He’d worry about a pepper that wasn’t sliced to the exact same size as the others.

Or obsess over wrapping up potentially smelly waste in many layers of wrapping before finally just putting it in the garbage can.

All these little pointless details derailed him from finishing the meal.

What does this have to do with real estate investing?

(Isn’t it obvious?)

I see people all the time who are obsessed with knowing every single little detail in advance.

So much so that they never actually get around to doing any deals.

Their obsession with every single last possibility and outcome stops them from even getting started.

They stay stuck.

Stuck right at the starting line.

* They don’t send out any marketing.

* They don’t pick up the phone and call prospects.

* They don’t do anything that will actually move them ahead.

Their obsession over knowing all the details (and their fear) of what will come keeps them stuck.

The solution?

Get moving!

Jump in and go forth relentlessly.

You will make some mistakes. (So what?)

Some people will hang up the phone on you. (So what?)

And yes, some leads will just be a waste of time. (So what?)

But once you get moving, you’ll blow that fear out of your mind.

And you’ll realize that you simply don’t need to know all the little details in advance.

There are multiple variable X-factors anyway, so just get going, get the ball rolling, and then take it from there.

That’s how you win.

Otherwise you stay stuck at the starting line.

Stop messing around in the kitchen, learn to cook deals the right way and finish the meal here:

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Tom Zeeb
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