Commie Pinko Style Investing

I’m really big on being independent.

Really BIG.

It is the only way to build a business that has the freedom, control, and lifestyle you are after.

So it disturbs me when I see real estate investors who think they need to form a group, partnership, or join a team to succeed.

Big mistake.

big, Big, BIG mistake.


Because it’s done out of WEAKNESS, that’s why.

And that weakness will destroy your income.

Here’s why:

It always happens when they are “feeling” weak.

When leads and deals just aren’t flowing enough.

When they are frustrated because they just can’t get their feet off the ground.

And since misery loves company, they find other people in the same boat and somehow convince themselves that together they’ll be able to actually find and close profitable deals.

It is basically a communist approach to real estate investing.

And communism just doesn’t work.

(It never has, and it never will. Sorry kids.)

One problem is that people tend to get along with people like themselves, so they form partnerships that are inherently out of balance. Namely, they all have the same strengths and weaknesses as their chosen partners, so there isn’t any balance.

And worse, there isn’t any expertise in the areas it’s really needed. No one has any real experience to provide.

It’s the blind leading the blind.

Having a shoulder to cry on won’t do much good when the ‘proverbial’ hits the fan…

And even if they are successful, more often than not they just end up slicing the pie into such small pieces that no one individual member gets enough to satisfy their appetite. They’re left feeling hungry (and tired out from the process).

This is ALWAYS the case with larger groups.

It’s like group homework back in your school days. If you had a group of 10 people, 2 did all the work, 2 other people took all the credit, and the remaining 6 just sat there taking up space.

This is what I see today with investing groups too.

The successful individuals would have been better off on their own.

Much better off.

But they bailed out on themselves too soon.


1. Because they didn’t have the gumption to stick with it.

2. Because they didn’t have a clear enough picture of where they were heading, much less any idea how to properly get there.

3. Because rather than building a team to support them independently, they took on partners. Partners who didn’t live up to expectations.

So skip all that and cut to the chase.

Learn how to make the BIG bucks.

Learn to function on your own and truly know where you’re going.

Learn to feed your independent streak.

What’s the best way to learn all this?

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Tom Zeeb
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