Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you’re in a comfortable spot…

Like when you have a cushy day job,

It can be really difficult to actually do what it takes to build a real estate business.

(Even if that day job now bores you senseless).


Because you have to have a burning passion for this business in order to succeed.

Otherwise you just won’t keep your motivation level high enough.

And if you don’t have passion for what you’re doing, it’s really hard to be successful at it.

Passion is what allows you to be highly motivated to get the job done.

But it isn’t enough.

It’s only one piece of the formula.

Along with your passion, you’ll need to follow a system and put some effort in to making it work.

Then you’ll stop spinning your wheels.

And you’ll finally have the Traction you’ve been looking for.

Remember that you are capable of much more.

So don’t waste your life away doing something that you aren’t passionate about.

Let’s discuss this in more detail. Join me here as I follow my passion for travel:

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