Cold and callous profiteering


“You sound so cold and callous telling people they should expand the income gap between the rich and the poor. Not exactly what we want to hear these days. Have a heart, people are really suffering out there.”


Which was my point exactly!

Narrowing the so-called “income gap” would have absolutely no impact on the plight of poor people.

If anything, it would actually hurt them, as it would discourage the top performers / producers to do less, which in turn would mean fewer jobs for the little guy.

We need to encourage the top producers to achieve even greater heights, because then they bring others up with them.

Focusing on narrowing the “gap” only brings everyone down.

(Certain politicians just think they sound “caring” when they say it. But they are either knowingly deceiving themselves and others, or they are just dumb kool-aid drinkers.)

I recently sat through a presentation where a guy spent the whole time ripping profits and profiteering, and then ended by making a financial appeal for his charity.

How would I have anything to give to his good cause if I didn’t have any profits?

I found the whole thing maddening, as the guy just doesn’t get it (and many people think the world of him…).

You can do much more when you are profitable.

And the more profits you have, the more good you can do.

So, if you want to do even more good (because I know you are a good person now and actually want to do even more for the people and causes you care about), then you simply need to be MORE profitable.

And that is exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do at my Rapid Cash Generation MasterClass this Saturday.

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