Closed again

“Tom, Closed another deal. This is the first deal I did without any help from wholesalers with big buyers lists. +$10k and solved everyone’s problem. Woo!!”  — MIKE G. (June 1, 2017)


Woo indeed!

Love it! Bring on the next one! Congrats!

Mike has had an awesome year.


1. Choosing to attend my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp
2. Focusing on implementing the items I laid out for him
3. Applying himself
4. Not giving up at the first sign of trouble
5. Repeating the process relentlessly.

That’s what made it work for him.

What about you?

Can you do those 5 steps too?

I also gave him — and will give you — all the marketing templates and legal contracts necessary to succeed.

Your job is simply to implement.

Can you do that?

Implementation = Success

Non-Implementation = No change & no progress (stay home, watch TV, get ready for work tomorrow again)

Start implementation here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors