Carolina Zeeb’s Parking Karma Controversy

My wife Carolina Zeeb jokes about having great “parking karma”.

As long as she’s in one of the front seats, parking spots just seem to open up for us.

No matter how busy the city street or suburban parking lot, she manages to get a good spot to open up.

We know that she doesn’t really have any particular magic quality, but it’s been one of our running jokes for many years.

We started it as a joke after hearing all the people who kept banging on about the “Law of Attraction” and how they just “attracted” good things to them with nothing more than positive thinking.

Let’s be real!

Positive thinking and a good mental attitude are certainly important, but it takes much more than just that to really achieve any success in this world.

Did you really think you can just think nice thoughts and magically start making money?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it does take at least an ounce of effort.

You don’t just sit there and “attract” things to you. You actually have to get off your rump and make things happen through EFFORT.

Effort is the #1 thing that separates the players from the wannabes and Kool-Aid drinkers.

Oh yes, my comments on this will upset some people. I’ll get a ton of responses trying to defend “The Secret” and the “Law” of attraction. And many will unsubscribe.

But that’s okay. The truth hurts. And some can’t handle it.

But I’m immune to Kool-Aid drinkers.

When you have built yourself up from being dead broke, and when you have helped many people achieve massive success as well, you live in reality land.

You tend to see things as they actually are, even if everyone else seems to be in dream-land. Because you know what it actually takes to get the deal.

You also realize that you should only take advice from people who have actually done what it is that you want to do, and to ignore all the rest.

And to especially ignore those who are drowning in Kool-Aid.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

P.S. — This all trickles down to Business 101. Most people just don’t know how to build a business. They’re afraid of it. And thus, they resort to believing in wild fantasies that sound like an easy path to success. Like putting all their hopes in things like the “law of attraction”.

But you don’t really need that stuff.

You just need to know marketing, negotiation, and how to flip properties.

And that is something you can LEARN with a reasonable amount of effort.

Something I teach completely in a simple, structured, and step-by-step system through my real estate mentoring program.

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