Can you cancel your way to success?

I’m amazed how many people just try to cancel something, rather than try and push through.

When has canceling ever actually moved you closer to your goal?

Why is it assumed to be better to give into your fear, rather than to at least try?

I’m not saying it’ll always work out on your favor.

But if you quit in advance, then you are locking in failure.

But if you try,
If you actually do it,
Then — and only then — you might actually make it happen.

But therein lies the problem.

You aren’t actually confident doing it will actually work for you.

But that isn’t actually a reflection on the system you are trying to implement, is it?

It’s more like a deflection from your own fears.

Because you aren’t really sure you’ll actually make all the moves and do all the steps necessary to succeed.

You’re more worried about your own ability to be consistent and follow thru, so it’s much easier to just cancel out now, and then you can blame the system instead of yourself and your personal lack of action.

It’s interesting what people do when they have their back against the wall.

Some fight ahead.
Follow a system.
And achieve greatness.

Others cancel out.
Quit before even really trying.
And then feel safe in the “fact” that it didn’t work for them.

Meanwhile, their funds deplete, and they stay stuck in the old rat race because they fled for so-called safety, rather than take responsibility and buckle down on a system and its implementation.

See yourself in this?

Don’t like the reflection?

There’s still time to change your ways.

Start here:

It comes with a full year of support AND accountability, so you won’t be left out in the cold, all alone, wondering what to do and tempted to just quit.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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