Warts that make you prettier

We all have them.

We all try to hide them.

But I’m going to actually show you mine.

When you see them perhaps you’ll realize that they’ve made me stronger.

What am I talking about, you ask?

My warts.

My “business warts” to be specific.

A business wart is some big ugly blunder that you made in the past.

And since it didn’t wipe you out completely, it actually made you stronger.

In fact, you could say that if you didn’t have that wart, then you wouldn’t be standing where you are today.

My biggest wart cost me $11,000.


Because I violated my own rules.

I let a seller modify my contract.

And they modified out my special safety clauses.

So when my buyer flaked out, I was left holding the bag.

And that bag was liability for an earnest amount that was $11,000.

It stung at the time.

But live and learn.

I’m stronger now because of it.

And so are my bootcamp students, because I walk them through my contracts step-by-step, line-by-line, so that they know them inside-out and are comfortable using all my CORRECT protection clauses with both buyers and sellers.

I share this ugly story to illustrate the point and to teach them how to avoid having the same happen to them.

And they don’t forget it.

Therefore they don’t make the same mistakes I did.

They learn from my experience.

And they avoid so many of the rookie moves and pitfalls that can sting a new investor.

That makes it worth its weight in gold, and worth sharing something ugly.

Because yes, it does make you prettier.

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