Business sluts who ruin good deals

When it comes to your real estate business, the temptation to fall in love with the latest ‘seksy’ business opportunities (especially multi-level marketing programs, or BitCoin, or AI) — no matter how bad they are for you — is everywhere.

That urge to “run around” is very strong.

All sorts of offers will be thrown your way.

And you’ll be tempted to stray from the path you previously chose and committed to.

To “cheat” on what works, in other words.

Especially if things aren’t going great at the moment, or if you haven’t done a deal yet, or if you haven’t gotten your consistency and deal-flow down-pat yet.

Those are the times you’re weakest, my friend.

And you’ll be prone to wander.

So beware of these nefarious offers you’ll get from other people trying to pull you into their business “opportunity”.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a 100 times.

They all promise the same things:

“Fast action”

“Easy profits”


Just like back in the day when they had the town prostitute, and men would risk disease, divorce, and even death for an easy deal — these “opportunities” are just as destructive to your bottom line.

After all, are they really that easy?

Would it even be that good for you?

Whose business would you really be building?

Yours or theirs?

So, while it might seem boring, you really should stick to just your main business.

Call it “Business Monogamy”.

Focus on it like a laser.

Take good care of it.

Nurture it (and only it), and it will nurture you.

Focus on building just one business instead of all the other potential businesses out there.

I’m successful because I keep my focus on real estate investing.

You’ll be successful when you learn to focus too.

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