Business People Who Don’t Make No Sense

Some things just don’t make no sense.

Especially in the business world.

In fact, the longer I’m in business and deal with other business people (and hear from other business people) the more “don’t make no sense” things I see and hear.

Take the following Top 10 for example:

#1. — People who claim they can show me how to make $10,000 per month, but don’t make $10 per hour themselves.

#2. — Guru’s selling real estate courses but they don’t do real estate themselves (and maybe never have).

#3. — Newbies paying to learn from other newbies.

#4. — Group investing schemes where everyone’s profits are watered down and only one poor misguided member actually does all the work.

#5. — Chasing the “big” deals (which are complicated) and getting nothing, when the little deals would have added up nicely to more.

#6. — Building a Twitter or Facebook following instead of building a real business.

#7. — People who claim they have no time to build a business, but then you see their hundreds of Facebook postings.

#8. — Procrastinating on doing an important task because it will take a long time to accomplish.

#9. — Entrepreneurs who vote for socialists.

#10. — Entrepreneurs who don’t understand the difference between a cost and an investment.

There are probably 100 other things to tack onto this list.

But then I’d just belabor the point and waste time.

And that wouldn’t make no sense either.

What does make sense is to get properly trained in a focused system that you can quickly learn and implement.

My Rapid Cash Generator is a focused system that has helped many of my students achieve their goals and dreams by profiting from real estate deals.

I’m doing a 1-Day MasterClass on Sunday April 30th to teach you the key elements.

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This simply DOES make lots of sense:

Tom Zeeb
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