The Real Estate Sword of Damocles

I like to read my son classic stories at bedtime.

The stuff that’s been around for 100’s of years and longer.

Last night we read the Sword of Damocles.

His eyes lit up at the thought of having a sharp sword dangling from a horsehair just inches above your head.

It’s a story about the burden of leadership.

How it’s always there and the leader needs to be constantly aware of it and respect it.

As a real estate investor, there is a sword hanging over our heads as well.

What’s our burden?


It’s the need to be marketing.

The need to market is always there.

It hangs over your head and doesn’t go away.

It’s the responsibility of being in business.

You have to be marketing.

Marketing constantly.

Marketing consistently.

And you have to be doing it right.

Otherwise the sword falls.

And your business dies.

The solution?

Learn what to do in real estate marketing so that you find a steady consistently flow of motivated seller deals.

I’m going to focus on this at my 1-day Rapid Cash Generation MasterClass this Saturday April 23rd.

When you attend, you’ll understand how to design marketing to get clear, concise, focus on the right messages that attract motivated sellers.

You will also receive very generous bonuses just for attending:

#1: My all-time best marketing postcard
#2: Audio CD Training – “Packaging your deals for a rehabber: The 9 deadly mistakes wholesalers make to tick a rehabber off” (a special audio training created by Robyn Thompson and me)

Get out from under the sword here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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