Drowning in a cave of stereotypes

Let me tell you a story…

The last time I was in Croatia I went cave diving. When we got back to shore, the dive master told me:

“I misjudged you earlier. Sorry.”

(He had been a complete jerk before the dive.)

“It’s just that I think most Americans are bad scuba divers”, he said.


Bit of a sweeping statement, I’d say.

But so many people do hold junk beliefs.

They make decisions based on stereotypes rather than facts or experience.


Because it’s easier.

Easier than having to think for yourself.

“They” want it this way.

Because then you’re owned.


And not a threat.

And so thinking the way the group thinks is promoted as acceptable and the only “right” way to think.

Even if the group is dead wrong.

It keeps the rationalization hamster running in circles.

And it’s easier than having to come up with something on your own.

Think about how often you are told a stereotype.

And how often you readily accept it rather than challenging it.

Then it is proven completely wrong when you deal with it yourself.

Especially in politics or by the media.

Stereotyping is practically all they rely on these days (along with fear) — it’s as if an original thought would kill them.

So they just perpetuate myths.

(Especially these comedy “news” shows.)

All just pushing a false premise.

Leading the lambs to the slaughter.

Not thinking for yourself, and simply believing the stereotype, isn’t doing you any favors.

And it can be the kiss of death in business too.

Because if you are operating on a false assumption instead of the facts, then you might miss the boat and be out of business before you know it.

I watch a lot of businesses fail because they never challenge their assumptions.

They never check their premise.

And then they collapse.

But it always gets blamed on “the economy”, the stock market, or some other circumstance far beyond their control.

Never on the person starting back at them in the mirror.

Nor on the unproven stereotypes and assumptions that got them into trouble in the first place.

The lesson?

(If it isn’t already clear…)

Think for yourself.

Don’t blindly follow others.

Don’t assume anything.

Don’t rely on stereotypes.

Prove your assumptions or beliefs first,

Then you can proceed.

And succeed.

I’ll show you how:

(This special program is only open for application through Independence Day weekend.)

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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