Come back when you’ve got a spine

I received, yet again, one of the most often asked questions…

“Tom, I’m just getting started, but I’m very afraid of losing money. What if I fail and lose money? I cant allow that to happen. And everything seems to have a cost involved. Setting up my entity, paying for marketing, and even getting an education. I’m very afraid of losing any money. I don’t want to spend money and not be guarenteed results. Isn’t there anything I can do that doesn’t have any risk or expense? What do you recommend?”


This is the point most “gurus” would give you some empty motivational hype.

Or dish out touchy-feely junk about “attracting” the result you want.

But not me.

I’m going to give you some tough love.

Tell the truth.

And be harsh.

I’m telling you to:
Come back when you’ve got a spine.

Got it?


It needed to be said.

Because things don’t always go as planned.

Sometimes you’ll get kicked in the teeth.

Sometimes you’ll think you can’t go on.

And yes, sometimes you’ll lose money rather than make any.

But that’s all part of the game.

That’s what it takes to actually build a business for the long run.

You have to toughen up.

Grow a spine.

Show some intestinal fortitude.

And not stay knocked-down when you inevitably do indeed get knocked down.

Nobody wants to talk about this, but it is true.

You have to take actual risk to get reward.

You risk your time.

You risk your reputation with the people you know.

And yes, you risk your money.

Will you be successful?

Honestly, that depends.

It depends on you.

And ONLY you.

There aren’t any guarantees.

Because it all depends on you.

What you do.

What you don’t do.

And no one can predict that in advance.

You need to take action and get stuck in.

Then we’ll see what happens.

Don’t like that answer?

Tough luck.

You might wish it were simpler or easier or guaranteed, but it isn’t.

Nor should it be.

Because then everyone would be doing it.

You wouldn’t be special.

You wouldn’t appreciate what it took to achieve it.

And you’d lose it as easily as it came.

That’s why you need to fight for it.

Got it?


Now go forth and do it.

I’ll show you how.

Build a spine of steel with me here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors