Waking up with Mario Andretti

Let me tell you a story…


Left side of the car.


Right side of the car.

I woke up as I was being flung back and forth in the backseat.

Opening my eyes, I saw the breathtaking mountain scenery of Bosnia-Herzegovina on the twisted winding road to Sarajevo literally flying by outside.

“Take it easy Mario” I said to the driver.

But he didn’t speak any English.

“Andretti’s gonna kill us” my buddy mumbled as he started to wake up too.

I gave the driver some sign-language he might understand.

(No, not that.)

I made a slowdown motion by waving my hand gently downwards.

He frowned, but obeyed.

His driving wasn’t really that bad (it takes one to know one).

But it was the vehicle I was worried about.

It didn’t seem up to the speed or the turns.

And, if the vehicle is flawed, it doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, everything else can get screwed up too.

You simply need to have a reliable vehicle to mess around at those speeds and in those conditions.

Just like in the real estate investing business.

I watch people choose crappy investment vehicles and then wonder why they fall apart.

Stall out.

Or crash.

Most of the time the disaster was avoidable.

But the driver failed to recognize one, or all, of the following things:

1. They are on the wrong road for where they want to go,
2. The vehicle can’t make the journey,
3. The vehicle isn’t suitable for the terrain you will encounter,
4. The driver isn’t trained to the correct level for what they are trying to do,
5. There isn’t enough gas.

Any one of these can lead to disaster.

That’s why you train.



Because then — and only then — do you get better.

So, if you want your real estate business to race ahead like Mario Andretti, come and get proper training from me.

We’ll build the vehicle.

Tune your engine.

Train you to drive in various conditions.

Teach you how to navigate and find your way.

Show you how to blaze past the checkered flag strong.

And how to keep racing again and again.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Start your engines here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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