My Burmese Days

“Have you noticed if we’re being followed yet?”

“Not yet” I replied.

“And no one seems to have followed us out of the airport,” I continued, “but I just haven’t spotted him. I’m sure we will be. It’s gets to be second nature in these types of places.”

Then, on the long deserted road to Mandalay, Burma we blew a flat tire.

The driver got out to fix it and oddly there was a guy on a motorbike who had pulled up behind us and approached to help.

Convenient help in the middle of nowhere.

After the tire was changed, as our van pulled out, the motorbike followed us. He had waited for us to re-board and start to drive away, rather than driving off first.

“That’ll be our tail” I said.

At least he made himself useful.

Over the years I’ve often danced with the opposition like this.

It turns them into useful idiots.

They keep an eye on my back, keep the riffraff and random street scum away, and don’t bother me directly too much.

Basically they are unknowing guardians.

I’ve found the same thing happens in my real estate business. (But they are actually good guys, not idiots.)

It’s good to keep people around who can guard you and help you.

Like who?

1. Attorneys:
They know the details of real estate law inside out so I can just focus on the big picture. And they do it all by the book since the good ones won’t risk their law license or errors & omissions insurance just to slide your deal through. Have great attorneys on your team and you will enjoy all the protection of doing things properly.

2. Accountants:
You can’t just throw everything in a shoe box and hope for the best. A great accountant will get your business financials organized so you know where you are currently and where you are heading. And they keep up with all the various and numerous tax forms and reporting requirements.

3. Licensed Contractors
They pull the permits and get the work done correct the first time and get it done on-time. And they follow the code so that there are no surprises or do-overs when the inspectors come.

4. Real Estate Agents
Someone who knows how to move a property fast. Someone who knows who to determine the value of a property so you can cross-check your numbers. Someone who also has a license and a reputation to protect, so they do things right.

And the list goes on…

This is all part of “The Dream Team Architecture TM” framework that I teach at my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

My frameworks make building or growing your real estate business simple because you know exactly what you need to do, when you need it, and HOW to do it.

It’ll keep you surrounded by the good guys. And you’ll know how to spot ’em.

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