Bragging about notches on the bedpost

When it comes to closing real estate deals for me, it isn’t about quantity, it’s about QUALITY.

There are so many “deal dudes” bragging about the number of deals they’ve done that it just sounds ridiculous.

I call it bragging about the notches on your “deal bedpost”.

It’s like the guy in the locker room always bragging about all the women he slept with last weekend.

You know the type…

They always have a tall tale to tell about a conquest and they usually can’t help but to inflate their numbers.

Their “success” just seems too good to be true (and it usually is).

I’m not saying that volume of deals never happens, but certainly not for as many of these dudes as are making these outrageous claims.

Most of them simply have to be lying.

You start hearing about 500+ deals, 700+ deals, 1,200+ deals, and sometimes even higher.

Oh please.

It’s obviously just empty braggadocio.

Deals don’t eat up all the time in the world, but to do that many would create an enormous amount of time, paperwork and overhead issues, not to mention tax burden.

Casts doubt over all their claims, doesn’t it?

So let’s be honest for a minute, because here’s the real scoop:

***It doesn’t take that many deals to produce an awesome lifestyle.***

If you focus on quality, then you’ll be very happy with the results you get.

And you’ll be very happy with the lifestyle you achieve.

Think about it for a minute.

Say you do only 4 deals this year. And say those 4 deals are for $25,000 profit each. Then you’ve added another $100,000 to your bank account and you’ve done it with only a few deals, and certainly not from doing anything full-time.

Would you need more than that?

If yes, then just add another deal, or 3, or 5.

If not, then keep that pace and happily enjoy all your newly found freedom, time, and income.

That’s true bragging rights.

Ready to get your deal on?

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* How to control each point of the deal so it actually closes rather than have it fall apart,
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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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