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Learn How To Get TRACTION In Your Real Estate Business. ™

Back in 2001 I was where you are at, I wanted to do deals, but I didn’t have a clue what to do. I saw other people doing it, but I felt they sprinkled magic fairly dust to make deals come to them, as I had no clue how to make it work for me.

I was skeptical. I saw all these hyped-up ads with hyped-up people saying that with the click of a button magic could happen, but I didn’t believe it. Meetings in Washington DC, Tampa, Sarasota & Online

Sound familiar?

Think it can’t be done?

I eventually figured it out. But it isn’t magic. It takes FOCUSED work. But I’ve made it into a simple system to follow. And now I teach my simple system & frameworks for making it happen.

I’ll show you how I do it, and how my students do it.

This is the system, process, and frameworks I wish I had when I got started.

It will give you clarity. And Clarity = Freedom & Choices!

You can keep waiting for the so-called “perfect* moment (which will never come), or you can make now the time to finally grab the bull by the horns. (After all. you aren’t getting any younger…)

Tap your desire to be independent & to be your own boss. Get the Traction you need now for your real estate business to grow, thrive, and survive through the turbulent years ahead. Are you worried or concerned about the direction the country and economy is heading?

You will learn how to:

  • Protect your Family and Your Future,
  • Retire in only 5 to 8 short years, and
  • Break out of the rat race so you can maximize the Real Estate Lifestyle to its fullest.

The purpose of my Implementation Bootcamp is to create CLARITY.

Because when you have clarity, you have freedom & choices. Therefore you’ll have control over your own life, your finances, and your time.

Imagine the difference for you:
* Rather than waking up and being pulled into unimportant or confusing busywork because you don’t really know what you need to be doing…

Confidently and consistently.

The untrained person second-guesses himself. Often doesn’t do the step in front of him because he doesn’t know what he’ll know what he

Being the person who can see beyond Step 1, and so has the confidence to actually take Step 1. And then to adjust appropriately as they meet changing circumstances.

You’re here to learn what you were meant to do.

The amount of traction you have represents your FREEDOM.

No more spinning your wheels, just get the clarity, confidence, and specific tools you need to succeed.

You’ll see how people just like you have made it BIG in real estate investing and are now swimming in profits. (If you only do 10% of what I teach you, you’ll make money.)

Is this a sell-a-thon like other events you’ve been to? Absolutely not. This is me teaching you what it takes to succeed.

If you’ve been an investor for awhile, then getting my training will re-charge your business and get it focused back onto what really produces results.

If you are brand new to investing then you will see the entire puzzle unfold and you’ll be able to start your business correctly from scratch.

Carla Zegarra

As a result of Tom Zeeb & his training, I quit my job, I’m now doing real estate full time, I have control over my life, I have time to spend with my family, I’m making a ton of money, and I’m lovin’ it — life is great!

Keeja Browder

Tom, your training program is spot on with our current real estate market. The principles and lessons learned are exactly what we need to know for making it in this fierce business world.

Your audio trainings and tricks of the trade are instrumental in keeping me ahead of competition. Thank you for generosity and time in helping me close my first real estate transaction!

What You'll Learn at Tom Zeeb's
Implementation Bootcamp ™

  • Get More & Faster as you make it a business by increasing your rate & pace
  • I’ll take you through my entire system and business model so that you understand it and can implement it rapidly, for this year & beyond.
  • We’ll step through the important legal contracts word-by-word, in detail, to show you how it’s done. When you know the contracts inside out, you’ll always be able to handle any questions that sellers, buyers, or attorneys may throw at you.
  • We’ll extensively train and practice doing negotiations, so you’ll know how to turn luke-warm leads into red-hot deals & bring motivated sellers from ‘no’ to “YES!” You’ll get comfortable using my negotiation skills in your own personality style.
  • We’ll discuss how to do your deals TAX-FREE in a Self-Directed IRA. This can save you a massive amount of money on each and every deal throughout your life (think of how much it adds up!) I’ll show you how it’s done.
  • We’ll work on how to estimate repairs quickly & accurately, and how to fully understand rehabbers, so you get better at both wholesalingand rehabbing.
  • When you understand how a rehabber’s mind works, you’ll understand what properties are best to look for and how to package them properly for your cash buyers.
  • Open mic Q&A for all your questions
  • Marketing to find the best deals in the shortest time
  • Identifying the 6 types of buyers you need
  • Ongoing training to motivate you to make more profits
  • Build your network of fellow real estate investors of all levels
  • In-depth Legal Contract Review
  • How to develop your “farm” area anywhere in the USA (where you live or where you want to be!)
  • How to construct multiple offers that get accepted
  • All of Tom’s Total Traction Frameworks
  • And much more!

Tom Zeeb

Always simplifying the complex, Tom will teach you how to Find the Deals that make money, Make the Deal by negotiating with ease and simplicity for large profits, and Get Paid so you can finally live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Don’t throw away any more seller leads. Learn how to follow-up, convert, and negotiate excellent deals. Tom will teach you proper marketing, easy negotiation, critical analysis skills, profitable exit strategies, deal control, and much more!

Having A Structure Takes
Out The Thinking.

That’s why you will immediately receive a complete copy of Tom’s 3-volume Total Traction Kit ™ when you register:

BONUS PACKAGE (Value $2,000)

Creating a win-win when someone dies

(Audio mp3)

How a $100 Assignment Turns into $35,988

(Audio mp3)

How a $100 Assignment Turns into $35,988

(Audio mp3)

Massive Tax Free Investing in IRAs

(Audio mp3)

This event can be another "tactical event" for you, or it can be the start of something new for you.

Once you know so much, you need to focus on the few key ideas that actually matter. Stop absorbing information and focus on the few simple moves needed to get traction and move forward.

We’ll show you how. Step-by-step and move-by-move.

Making a choice is what gives you focus. You can’t move forward if everything is an open option. You need focus.

After attending this event, you’ll be striking at the roots while everyone else is hacking at the leaves.

Ask yourself:

If all attending the Implementation Bootcamp did was Get You the 1 Extra Deal that Lets You Quit Your Job, would it be worth it?

If all attending the Implementation Bootcamp did was Show You How to Retire in 5 to 8 Short Years, would it be worth it?

If all attending the Implementation Bootcamp did was Give You the 1 Breakthrough Idea You Need to Make 6-Figures in the Next 12 Months, would it be worth it?

The answer is obvious.

Get moving now! Don’t wait. If you could have done it onyour own, you would have done it already.

This event series is tax deductible.

Ongoing Monthly Events on Zoom throughout 2023

This event is held monthly Online using Zoom, with 2 bonus in-person events each year.

How much is it?

The Implementation Bootcamp is designed to add $100,000 to your bottom-line during the next 12 months.

How much is that worth to you?

Many other programs charge $35,000 and up. (And teach a lot less…)

We don’t


Because we keep very low overhead and don’t have massive staffs of sales people to pay commissions to.

And because Tom Zeeb is on a deeply personal mission to help people who want to break free of their J.O.B.s and follow their entrepreneurial passions.

He’s passionate about it because that’s what launched him into his dream lifestyle and secured his family financially, and he believes that independent entrepreneurs are the backbone of a strong America.

This is a unique ongoing training experience that gives you the knowledge, skills, techniques, and confidence to build your own real estate investing business wholesale flipping houses for a profit.

Because of Tom’s mission, for a limited time, you can get the entire Implementation Bootcamp plus all the bonuses for only $6,000 $4,497 $3797.

Join us now!

Neva Williamson

I graduated from your program and I just wanted to let you know I closed on a new deal last week and my wholesale fee was a whopping 40k! Your program is great and most importantly of all, it works! Keep doing what you do.

Rilicia Wils

Tom Zeebs event was awesome! He broke down wholesaling to simplicity even a young child would be able to understand. Alot of people were in attendance so I got the opportunity to network and add buyers and wholesalers to my network to do business with in the near future. I would totally recommend someone to go!

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