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Book Knowledge vs Real Knowledge

Look around at the people you meet.

They talk a lot about:

What they’re going to do…

What they want to do…

What they dream about doing…

And the list goes on…

But you look at yourself and you see someone who doesn’t just talk about what you’re going to do, you actually do it!

You’ve done things.

Not everything works out of course. And as you go along you realize that real life and the books and courses are two different things.

You need the books.

You need the knowledge.

But then you also need someone who answers the phone to help you when you’re stuck and clueless.

Someone who will reply to your emails when you have a real situation that needs a real answer.

A customized answer specific to your exact situation, because not all the questions that get thrown at you have a cookie cutter answer to them.

Face it, there are times you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, times you’re not getting enough traction on your own.

Realize now that if something is going to change, something has to change.

Figure out that change — watch this video now:

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