Blatant reasons you need to attend

I might as well be blatant about this so you know.

Here’s what I’ll be teaching you when you attend my Rapid Cash Generation MasterClass on Saturday (TOMORROW):

* How to Generate Rapid Cash
* Dynamic Secrets to Quickly Flip Properties With No Cash, No Risk, No Tenants
* How to Create a Monthly Income of $10,000 or More
* How to build a marketing system that finds quality motivated sellers
* Marketing techniques to get your phone ringing off the hook with motivated sellers
* How to turn luke-warm leads into red-hot deals
* Power Negotiation Strategies to Get Sellers Saying “Yes”
* How to control a deal to ensure you get paid
* How to determine the critical numbers you need to know for Rapid Cash Generation
* How to estimate repairs quickly and accurately
* How to build your real estate business fast
* How to build your dream team to get the deals done
* Techniques that work for wholesaling, rehabbing, or rentals
* Strategies that work in today’s market
* How to do deals tax-free in your IRA
* How to build a lifestyle business that sets you free
* How to maximize the 4 F’s: Fun Time, Freedom, Finances, & Family
* How to build a solid, steady, and consistent income stream.
* How to be independent and to be your own boss.
* How to protect your family and your future, retire in 5 to 8 short years, and break out of the rat race so you can maximize the real estate lifestyle to its fullest.
* And much more!

Today’s your last day to get in on this.

Because this is the last 1-day class I’m doing here in 2014.

It takes place tomorrow.

Get your ticket in time, go to:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors