Big Bad Investors strike again

I hear the complaints all the time…

“Investors are messing up the market”
“Wholesalers take advantage of people”
“Flippers aren’t dealing fairly”

And the list goes on and on and on…

What do I say?


Any issues are not with investors/wholesalers/flippers as a whole group, they are with the individual.

Are there bad individuals out there?

Yes, of course.

And in all aspects of the industry (agents too!)

Then there are the GOOD PEOPLE.

And it’s the good people you want to emulate, follow, and be like.

I’m happy and proud that 2 of my students have both recently made the active decision to go the extra mile to HELP their sellers.

I wrote about this yesterday when I shared what Jake Draves told me about his latest deal, completed after we recorded the podcast episode. (Will you still be able to look at yourself in the mirror?)

And a similar situation came up for Roger Schulz when he dealt with a seller in a difficult situation and chose to help him, so much so that family members of his seller were advocating for him.

You can hear Roger’s story here:
s5e56 Improving Lives through Wholesale Real Estate Deals with Roger Schulz

You can hear Jake’s story here:
s5e60 – 2 Months to Success – Crushing it in the DealMachine Challenge with Jake Draves

I met Roger in January.
I met Jake in February.

And just a few months later they are doing great and knocking out deals — while helping people and improving their communities in the process.

They are good people.

Very good people.

Want to be like them?

They joined my TOTAL TRACTION Program.

It might be just the right thing for you too.

Check it out here:
TOTAL TRACTION training program

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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