Ironing out the wrinkles

“I enjoy your messages, and I thought I wanted to try and build a real estate business, but I’m getting up there in age and already have an established career. I’ve made my choices and don’t think I can really do something new now. Any thoughts or encouragement?”


You are not done yet!

Not at all.

Call me schmaltzy, but you still have plenty left in you to do whatever you want IF you put your mind and energy to it.

If you really want to, then you can do it.

For example:
I often write about Winston Churchill in my emails and I always talk about him in my presentations.

He is a hero and an inspiration to me.

But did you realize that his greatest achievement (namely winning the Second World War) was done when he was over 65 years old?

Not exactly a spring chicken!

But he isn’t a lone example.

Think about these “old timers”. They didn’t achieve success when they were young. They got it when they were old.

Thomas Edison
(numerous inventions)

Ray Kroc
(founder of McDonald’s)

Walt Disney
(animator & theme park innovator)

Abraham Lincoln

Colonel Sanders
(Kentucky Fried Chicken — Now that’s finger lickin’ good!)

And the list goes on…

So no, I don’t think you’re “done” yet just because you’re older.

If anything it’s actually easier because your kids are out of the house, or at the very least older and they can fend for themselves (and they should fend for themselves).

So now it’s finally time for you to focus on you.

Now it’s finally time for you to discover your entrepreneurial passion.

Now it’s finally time to do what YOU want to do.

Need help developing your future in real estate investing?

At my 3-day Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp we’ll focus in on what you want to achieve.

And teach you how to achieve it.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

You just have to want to do it.

What’s the matter Colonel Sanders, chicken?

Go here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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