Why buy a dog if you’re just going to bark yourself?

A reader emails me:
“Tom, All you do is pitch, pitch, pitch. I thought I would get real lessons from your emails.”


You amuse me because you either can’t comprehend what you read, or you’re so sensitive to a pitch that you’re missing the obvious lessons I provide in each message.

Let’s prove it…

Here’s a quick review of my last 9 messages and the lesson I taught in each:

1. Butchering the baker’s candlesticks

The lesson: Why job creation is so important to a city & region and how that impacts property values for a real estate investor looking to buy & hold for appreciation.

2. Playing not to lose vs playing to win

The lesson: The right mindset and outlook is important to your personal and business success. If you’re too cautious and not playing full-out, you won’t succeed in the end.

3. The Winner or the Loser?

The lesson: Everyone makes a choice how to be, and that choice determines how much success you achieve. There are clear differences between winners and losers. This message points out some of them.

4. Abraham Lincoln’s driving instructor

The lesson: Being in the driver’s seat for yourself is the key to learning. When you are in charge of the choices and decisions made, then you learn all the nuances properly. Beware having important things done for you. You are far better off on your own.

5. Having the wrong model

The lesson: If you are overwhelmed or think that being on your own or in business for yourself is too difficult, it’s usually the result of following a bad model. Get the right model for success and it won’t be all heavy-lifting.

6. Planning on General Eisenhower’s advice

The lesson: Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. Planning lets you see the holes in your plan and prepare you for what’s coming down the pike.

7. Rules of the Lame

The lesson: The drive to improve ourselves and to be better today than yesterday is what brings out the best on all of us. And it will make your life and your business soar to new heights.

8. Difficult decisions are the privilege of…

The lesson: Making the difficult decisions to start a real estate investing business and continue to run it are the privilege of rank as an entrepreneur. Simply start doing what you need to do to succeed, as isn’t going to be handed to you.

9. Good discrimination

The lesson: There’s nothing wrong with being sold to when the offers are something that can help you and have been pre-screened for you. You’re safer when you buy through a credible source that will protect you.

So why buy a dog if you’re just going to bark yourself?

Each one of my messages does have a valuable lesson.

If you like boring empty hype, read emails from all the other lists you are on.

But if you like value, and like being entertained in the process, then my messages are perfect for you.

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No barking allowed.

Tom Zeeb
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