Curing “Easy-Button” Syndrome

Everyone wants an easy button.

Just press it and get-rich-quick.

To be honest, it IS everyone’s dream (mine too).

But sorry, Chuckles.

It just don’t work that way.

There is actually work, effort, and focus involved to make money and make it consistently.

(If you are told otherwise — WAKE UP —  they’re LYING to you!)

And yet people constantly continue to buy “guru” products and services that promise push-button riches.


Because people are inherently lazy.

It’s easier to just go along to get along and suffer through the status-quo than to apply yourself and put in the effort needed for accomplishing a proper goal.

So the dream of easy riches just won’t die.

It lives on and bleeds good money out of your wallet for crap products that you are seduced into buying because you won’t let that Easy Button dream die.

And many people are now addicted to the “Rockstar” guru kool-aid and keep buying more and more products (without implementing any of them) because they are convinced they just haven’t bought the right one yet.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no course will grow arms and legs and start implementing itself on its own — YOU are the one that has to actually DO it.

Take the steps.

Make it happen.

And follow-through relentlessly.

Then, and only then, you’ll finally start earning the big bucks.

Not before.

So stop dreaming of the Easy Button.

Get real.

And then get movin’.

Focus on a proven system for success.

I’ll show you how.

But I don’t take just anyone and I don’t have the patience for indecisive tire-kickers.

If you think you’ve got the right stuff, details are at:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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