Stop stealing from the buffet

“But the food is already out there at the buffet, so why can’t I just go and eat for free?”

And so the rationalization goes, because after all, the food is already just sitting there, so what’s the loss?

Can you imagine trying that argument with a restaurant?

You wouldn’t.

Because it just doesn’t make sense.

It’s obviously illogical.

And wrong.

The restaurant clearly has a cost to having produced that food and they have every right to charge you to eat it.

Just ’cause it’s there anyway, doesn’t mean they should just give it away.

But people try this all the time with me.

They ask for free coaching advice on their deals since it “doesn’t cost me anything”.

That’s when it’s very clear they’ve never run a business.

(Or at least a successful one…)

Because if they had, they’d recognize that there is a cost just for being in business.

That’s what “overhead” means.

It costs money just to operate.

To keep the lights on.

To pay for equipment, suppliers, supplies, and services.

And of course, all the endless taxes.

All the things people never think about when they think of a business.

People tend to do the math and guess at your top-line revenue, but they never consider what your true bottom-line profit is.

And all that aside…

If something is truly VALUABLE, then it is worth PAYING for.

And it should be paid for.

My knowledge, systems, advice, and experience have all cost me quite a bit of coin to obtain and develop.

Therefore it’s valuable.

That’s why I charge for it and don’t just give it away.

In fact, I’d be very wary of free advice.

How good can it be if the person doesn’t respect it enough to charge for it?

That’s not the person I’d want to be following.

That’s not the person I’d want advice from.

That’s not the person I’d bother to listen to.

Think about it.

And think about the value you get when you actually invest in something valuable from someone who actually values it.

That’s why I charge for my Traction Control coaching and mentoring program.

No, it ain’t cheap.

It’s expensive.

But that’s because it’s worth it.

The application process for Traction Control coaching is only open, appropriately, through Independence Day. After that it will close and be unavailable.

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