Being treated like an idiot for fun and profit

They thought I was dumb.

Really dumb.

Like I couldn’t do what was effectively just a basic job. A very basic job.

I didn’t totally understand it then, but I get it now. I get what was going on.

The problem with being treated like an absolute idiot — particularly when you’re at a younger age — is that you’re prone to believe that it just might be true.

After all it’s hard to go against the general flow of society. Against the general way most people seem to be.

Because the crowd must be right, correct?

The masses must know what they’re doing, right?

That was my problem, and it’s just kind of tiring after a while. All the “yes ma’am”, “yes Sir”, “I’ll get right on that.” And being talked down to you as if you couldn’t figure out what was only a simple task.

Sometimes it amazes me to think about tolerating being treated that way, but now I just shake my head at it.

The cycle started again when I said I wanted to go off on my own and start a real estate investing business.

You can tell they all wanted me to fall flat on my face, either because they didn’t think I could do it, or more likely, because they were afraid that I actually could, and that I actually would.

Because that’s the real fear of other people, isn’t it?

It’s that you’re going to show them up because you’re gonna do what it is they want to do, but they are too afraid to try, and deep down they don’t think that they actually can do it, so they reflect their fears on to you, their frustrations onto you, and just like crabs in a bucket, the ones at the top will hold you back even though they have no clue what’s on the outside, but they hold you back because they don’t want you getting out — they want you to suffer with them.

It’s not even that it’s necessarily against you personally.

It’s that you’ll show them that THEY are wrong.

That they’ve been wrong.

And that they are operating purely on their fear, an empty fear of what they think is, or is not, possible.

Especially fear that you’ll prove them otherwise.

And that triggers an enormous amount of jealousy.


And other similar destructive feelings and emotions.

The kinds of feelings and emotions that do nothing productive, but they’re darn good at holding you back.

So I get it.

I understand it.

And many years later, I understand it more now than ever before, especially because I’ve seen it happen to so many of my students.

So many of them have to deal with negative friends, family, co-workers, and people who “care” about them, but don’t really want them to succeed.

Not necessarily because they don’t think that they can do it, but because they themselves know that they personally couldn’t do it, therefore to see someone else do it, especially someone close to them, is a smack in face.

Well it’s time to stop worrying what the heck anyone else thinks of you, and start smacking people in the face!

In fact, in many ways maybe that smack in the face, of you going out and becoming the best version of you possible, the best entrepreneurial version of you possible, the best real estate investor version of you possible, maybe that’s the exact smack in the face these people need, because maybe then, and only then, they’ll get off their duff and finally do it too.

(Yup, I’m a bit salty this Monday morning.)

Start smacking people in the face.

Show them what you’re really capable of.

Then then you’ll see the true jealousy come out. Because when you succeed, they’ll be standing back there when you used to be, and will look on everything about your lifestyle, time freedom, moolah, retirement in the bank, and then wonder why they don’t have it too.

You’ll know the answer.

Because you will now totally understand the journey.

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