Being flaky or having the right mindset

If you’ve read at least a few of my messages over time, you’ll know I don’t like “flaky”.

Be it flaky people or flaky ideas.

Flaky people believe in the ridiculous.

Like “attracting” things to themselves as if by magic (rather than by work and focus).

Or “manifesting” the “universe’s” gifts (instead of setting a goal and WORKING to obtain it).

Unfortunately the real estate business and entrepreneurial training arena is full of these types of people.

Some have done major damage and landed in jail.

Often for fleecing people of their money through false investment “opportunities”.

Or by convincing them that they don’t need proper medicine to fight an illness, as if some sort of special fruit or “mind-power” is enough to keep their serious disease at bay.

So they make colossally ignorant choices.

After all, snake oil — and snake oil salesmen — have always had a powerful allure throughout history.

I guess when people really want to believe something, they can put all semblance of logic aside and justify what in hindsight was obviously a clearly poor choice.

Unfortunately this recognition of the way things really work usually comes too late.

The person is either broke from the bad investment, or dead from the disease they refused to treat with proper medicine.

So, if I object to “mindset” fixes as being flaky, why are we hosting Shaun McCloskey’s LIFEONAIRE 3-day Retreat if he is teaching “mindset”?

Because, like everything else, there is a line.

And the line has a good side, and a side that is just too far.

Shaun is very much on the good side.

He’s made his fortune in real estate by specializing in short sales and restructuring debt.

He’s worked hard at the real estate business and has reaped the rewards.

But he also realized something along the way…

That a lot of the success game was indeed mental.

That having the right mindset, and KEEPING the right mindset, was a key skill to success in business.

Without it, LIFEstyle suffered.

Which made the business successes pointless.

And he noticed that many people were confused and frustrated by this very point, or flat out misled by people on the wrong side of the line.

So he started helping other investors and business owners “unlock” the blocks in their minds and finally get their heads screwed on straight.

It isn’t magic.

It isn’t a hare-brained cult of people.

And it isn’t flaky.

It is actually a simple approach that you can use to help you get through where you’re stuck and finally get ahead by getting out of the way of yourself.

You’ll learn it all at our 3-day LIFEONAIRE retreat with Shaun:

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Tom Zeeb
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