Being called all the nasty names

One of my students (who started with the same “Wholesaling: The Rapid Cash Generator Workshop” I’m teaching tomorrow) told me he has now been called every name in the book as a result of his marketing efforts.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Happy for that! I want to say its deal #13.

So basically I had to endure 500+ people acting like they were just so much better than me, how I was the 30th person to call, how I needed to stop calling or else, I also learned I am at least 10 different curse words but…

I helped one huge whale of an investor sell a property that was too far from him and made a great profit.

Really it is the most rewarding experience ever having to confront this negativity. For me it goes in waves where it irritates me and doesn’t, but it’s a huge growing experience.
Thank you so much for teaching!”

My pleasure.

Teaching is one of my favorite things to do, as it’s awesome to help other people grow.

(I now get why my teachers taught and delighted in it too.)

It’s become a mission for me.

The BIG lesson here is to NOT quit at the first sign of trouble.

To NOT quit just because a few people yell at you, or start calling you nasty names.

Yes, it takes a bit to get there, but you are in a whole different — and better — world when you stop caring what others think about you.

I’m not saying it’ll happen overnight.

It won’t.

But you will get there if you keep at it.

And then you’ll be on your 13th deal, and counting, too.

But you need to get started.
Get focused.
And get moving!

My event tomorrow (Saturday September 12th) is perfect for this (in my obviously biased, but accurate, opinion).

Works nationwide. Join us ONLINE using Zoom from anywhere.

Here’s the link:
1-day Wholesaling: The Rapid Cash Generator Workshop ONLINE

Tom Zeeb
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