Becoming sharp through failure

Tom, I found your story about building a importing business in India very interesting. And I was surprised you admitted that you failed at it.


I’m happy to fess up to my failures.

Especially if it inspires others.

It’s actually one of the keys to my success — to be able to bounce back even after a major setback.

You simply have to get up again and keep moving forward.

I look back now and see ALL the mistakes I made.

A list a mile long.

Rookie moves.

And pro moves too.

I screwed them all up.

And got seriously knocked down.

But I didn’t stay down.

That’s the key.

I got back up again.

Dusted off.

And tried again.

And again.

And again.

I learned lessons from my scars, bumps, and bruises.

So rather than stay defeated…

I rose again.

Like a phoenix from the flames.

Found a business where I did fit in (real estate for rapid cash).

And didn’t mess around this time.

That was nearly 14 years ago.

And for almost 10 years now I’ve been coaching students how to build their own successful real estate investing businesses.

Both privately 1-on-1 and at my Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamps.

I now easily spot the mistakes people are making.

When these mistakes are pointed out, they can correct their course.

Increase their trajectory.

And massively up-level their business and lifestyle.

I couldn’t see the forest for the trees when I was starting out.

But now it is easy.

And that’s what I do for the smart people who attend my Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp.

Yes, you learn my methods for quickly making money without money in real estate.

But you also get a very strong dose of business development coaching along the way.

I point out mistakes.

Show you the clear path forward.

And celebrate the successes of my other students so you learn through their success stories as well.

Everyone sharpens their saws for the future.

Ready for your turn?

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Tom Zeeb
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